There are 15 taxis in Milos. All taxi drivers in Milos are conscientious, clean, helpful and punctual. Taxis are all relatively modern Chevrolet, Mercedes, Skoda, Toyota or Citroen models, spacious, and equipped with air conditioning. Some taxis in Milos even have wireless internet.

Taxi transfer in Milos can prove to be more economical than car rental, especially for visitors who travel to a single beach in a day, or stay at their place of residence, such as Adamas or Pollonia, without visiting other destinations for one or more days. Also, for groups or families of 2-3 people, taxi transfers can prove to exceptionally economical, while providing more flexibility and comfort than other means of transportation.

Taxis in Milos can prove to be particularly helpful as they can, for example, take people to the center of Plaka, where there is no access/parking for private vehicles, most other modes of transportation do not reach all the way up to the center, and the visitor must ascend several steps to the top on foot. Also, unlike other means of transportation, Milos Taxis transfer the visitor right by the entrance of the Ancient Theater as well as right to the Catacombs parking lot.

The taxi rank is in the center of Adamas. There is also a second rank in Triovasalos, but it does not function during the summer season.

Taxis in Milos have access to all paved streets. Destinations with access from a dirt road, mainly on the east and west coast of Milos, are usually not served by taxis. The final decision on whether to accept a trip that requires driving on a dirt road is at the driver's discretion.

Indicative fares for most destinations are posted on the dashboard of each taxi cab. Alternatively, you may ask the driver to activate the taximeter, but you should know that in this case the final fare will probably exceed the posted rate, as immediately outside hubs such as Adamas, a double fare rate applies.

Indicative fare rates assume center-to-center travel, for example, from the Adamas town center to the center of Pollonia. Additional charges may raise the final cost of the fare, such as:

  • Drop off to a specific hotel / restaurant instead of the city center.
  • Idle waiting time.
  • Appointment for a specific time.
  • Pick up from seaport or airport.
  • Luggage items of 10kg, or more.

For example, let's say a simple fare from Adamas to Pollonia is estimated at €20. However, picking guests from the port, by appointment, with 4 luggage items, and destined for a particular hotel in Pollonia, will be at least €25.


Always inquire with the driver regarding the rates to a particular destination BEFORE you get in a taxi cab. If you do not agree with the rate quoted by the driver, simply do not agree to be driven to your destination in a taxi cab.

If you'd like to make a taxi cab reservation or appointment, please call the Milos Taxis hotline at: +30 22870-22219. This website cannot be used to make a reservation or appointment with a taxi cab.

If you want to call a taxi to get to a beach, you can arrange an appointment with the driver to pick you up on a specific time.

Alternatively, if the beach or any destination in Milos happens to have a restaurant or beach bar, you may ask the proprietors to call a taxi to pick you up.

Of course, you can always call for a taxi cab yourself with your cell phone.

ATTENTION! During the high tourist season (July-August, and especially from 1 to 25 August), waiting times on both the phone and for the taxi itself may be especially long.

The professional taxi drivers in Milos always strive to offer you expedient, flexible and safe transportation. On the other hand, we ask our guests to respect the drivers and their taxi cabs in turn:

Please do not leave the taxi waiting for you to go shopping or for other stops. If you need to make a stop after having hired a taxi cab, please make it as short as possible.

Please make sure you are dry before entering the taxi cab. Do not enter the cab with wet bathing suits or clothes.

Please make sure you have cleaned your feet and shoes from any sand accumulated from the beach.

Please, do not eat or drink in the taxi cab.

We thank you and wish you a pleasant stay in the island of colors, the island of lovers, Milos Island.
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